Robin’s Nest Interiors is a full-service interior design firm. Whether it's a newly built home or office, a large scale remodel, a single room makeover, or even seasonal decorations, Robin's Nest design services reflect every client's style, taste, timeframe and budget. We provide customized services such as cabinet design, tile patterns and furniture placement. Color palettes, flooring selections, textile options, window treatments and customized accessorizing also are part of the offerings.


Project Coordination

When starting any project, communication is important. Making sure contractors understand the wants and needs of each individual customer is one of our specialties.  We foster an environment of clear communication so that both contractors and customers share the same vision. Additionally, it can be frustrating trying to coordinate times when everyone can get together to determine the best course of action on a project. We work as a liaison between owners and contractors to maximize productivity.


Space Planning

When deciding a layout for any space, whether building or remodeling, it is important to achieve the best possible use of the space.  This means understanding functionality, style and productivity.  We make sure we understand our customers' day-to-day lives so we can incorporate that into the space.  How an area is used is just as important as style when it comes to creating a beautiful environment.


3D Rendering

Robin's Nest uses three-dimensional rendering technology to help our customers better visualize their space. We work from existing plans or draw plans based on the clients' wants and needs, and we input different colors, finishes, textures or even complete design elements. This process helps our customers get a more accurate "feel" for the area and how it will function.


Custom Window Fabrications

Robin's Nest Interiors helps our customers make the best choice when addressing the wide variety of styles and products for windows. Whether it's draperies, shades, valances, shutters or blinds, we consider individual style as well as popular trends and create custom pieces that truly reflect the lifestyle and individuality of each customer. View our gallery to see a few of our unique designs.


Cabinet Design

When designing cabinets, we help customers create a space that is as beautiful as it is functional. Although people often have an idea of how they want a space to look, seeking cabinet design help from a professional can be advantageous when it comes to choosing cabinetry that is balanced in proportion and scale. We will also describe certain design factors that can impact how those cabinets will function in the new space.


Tile Layout

As a design choice, tile offers both beauty and durability. This is why it has been a preferred building material for hundreds of years. Choosing a tile design, however, can be a daunting task. Our team helps our customers identify the tile that is right for them.  Our process helps identify several key elements when choosing tile such as durability, functionality, artistry and budget. View our gallery to see what we have done for a few of our customers. 


Detail Drawings

Detail drawings are used to provide a description of the geometric form of a space. For example, they can demonstrate the general layout of a room, a specific cabinet plan, or the artistic pattern and intricacies of a tile design.  These drawings help the customer and the designer to envision the end product.